Spotlight on: Xero’s integration with Zigaflow

As one of the leading cloud accounting software systems on the market, Xero is constantly evolving to provide its users with even more features and tools, and ultimately, a better user experience. One of the key ways in which Xero does this is through integrating and partnering with various apps, which support businesses in a range of ways.

In this blog, we’re putting the spotlight on Zigaflow, a fantastic app integration available to Xero users. We will be exploring what Zigaflow can do for you – helping you make the most of your software.

What is Zigaflow?

Zigaflow is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software designed to work in line with your business processes. With a strong focus on efficiency, many time-consuming tasks can be automated across sales, business operations and customer service.

There are 3 different subscription plans providing access to different modules including quotations, contract management, order management, purchase orders, stock control and much more.

How does Zigaflow integrate with Xero?

Connecting your Xero account to Zigaflow gives you an incredibly powerful way to run your business, and better serve your customers.

Examples of how the integration between Zigaflow and Xero works include;

– Invoices created in Zigaflow can automatically be pushed into your Xero account

– Customer records in Xero can automatically be created or updated from Zigaflow

– Invoices marked as paid in your Xero bank feed, can automatically update corresponding invoices in Zigaflow

4 key ways Zigaflow can benefit your business

  1. Flexibility
    1. You have control over how your processes work to mirror how you do business
    2. You can produce better looking sales quotes and proposals, which align with your brand and can include product images, specification sheets and more
    3. Other document templates for invoices, order confirmations, purchase orders and more can be fully customised to match your branding.
  2. Visibility
    1. You can see exactly what is happening in every area of your business, at a glance
    2. Detailed reports can give you clear insights on performance across your business allowing you to make informed decisions quickly
  3. Efficiency
    1. By automating tasks, you can massively reduce the amount of resource required to operate across all departments
    2. Communication with customers, suppliers and internal team members can be systemised
    3. Information is easily accessible to everyone who needs it (subject to access rights)
  4. Scalability
    1. You can increase your user licences as needed, giving you a platform for growth
    2. With step-by-step instructions throughout the software, users can get started quickly and easily
    3. There are no limitations on the number of customers, contacts or products which can be stored in your Zigaflow account.

For more information on integrating Zigaflow and Xero, click here.

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Xero has a whole host of apps for a variety of different functions, and we would be delighted to support you getting started.

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Making Tax Digital for VAT: a basic guide

In November 2020, HMRC announced that Making Tax Digital (MTD) rules will be mandatory for ALL VAT-registered businesses with a taxable turnover below £85,000 from their first return on or after 1 April 2022.

Are you compliant?

In this blog, we cover the basics to help you get a better understanding and be more confident about MTD for VAT.

What is Making Tax Digital?

Making Tax Digital is part of a wider government initiative to make tax administration more efficient and effective. MTD replaces manual tax administration with two things:

  • An online system where you can submit VAT returns (with MTD compatible software)
  • The digitisation of business records

You can read more about the scheme here.

What records do you need to keep digitally?

As part of the rules, businesses will be required to keep a record of all accounting transactions digitally – handwritten records are no longer acceptable.

If you use a scheme you may be required to keep additional records:

  • Retail Scheme: total daily gross takings
  • Flat Rate Scheme: items that VAT can be reclaimed on

Although all your transactions must be archived digitally, you are not required to scan additional records like invoices or receipts.

Finding the right software

Compatible VAT record keeping software connects to HMRC systems.  It must be able to:

  • Keep and maintain digital records specified in the regulations
  • Prepare VAT returns using these records
  • Communicate with HMRC via a digital link

You can check your software, or find a compatible product here, If you are considering changing your accounting software we will be happy to guide and assist you.

Linking software

If you find that you need to link your software packages (e.g., if you use more than one software or if you are maintaining them using spreadsheets), you can use a digital link. But what does a digital link comprise of?

HMRC highlight the following:

  • Data is electronically transferred between software programmes, products, or applications. This may include using a formula to link cells in spreadsheets (e.g., where cells are linked by using a formula in one sheet that mirrors the source’s value in another cell)
  • The transfer is automatic (data cannot be manually moved between software or copied over by hand i.e., copy and paste).


For those who are unable to keep digital records of a business or use digital tools to submit VAT returns (may be impractical due to age, disability or location), you can ask HMRC for an exemption from MTD and follow the guidance in Section 3.4 of Notice 700/22.

Get in touch

If you have any questions in relation to becoming MTD compliant, (including reviewing your current VAT procedures, guiding you towards a suitable solution, assisting with quarterly submissions to HMRC and even providing training for your team), our team of digital experts in the PM+M cloud team can help! We have already helped hundreds of businesses become compliant – read some of our client testimonials by clicking here.  To find out more, get in touch with Jill Morris by clicking the button below.