Xero Payroll introduces new automated pension re-enrolment feature

Xero have recently introduced a new pension re-enrolment feature in Xero Payroll.

The new feature helps business owners save time and eliminate some of the administrative burden of pension re-enrolment.

What is pension re-enrolment?

As an employer in the UK, every three years you must assess any employees who have opted out of your workplace pension scheme and re-enrol them if they are eligible.

Even if you have no staff to re-enrol onto the scheme, you must still select a re-enrolment date and complete a re-declaration of compliance to inform the pension regulator of how you have met your obligations.

Remember, pension re-enrolment and re-declaration are an employer’s legal duty, and if you don’t act, you could be fined.

How will the new Xero Payroll feature help?

The automated pension re-enrolment feature will:

  • Automatically assess and enrol employees onto your workplace pension scheme,
  • Reduce manual processes and therefore errors; and
  • Ensure secure integration with pension provides

Find out more including how to update your workplace pension settings by clicking here.

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Are you getting the most out of your Xero software?

In this blog, PM+M partner and cloud accounting expert, Jill Morris, highlights some of Xero’s latest features and explains why business owners should always look to get the more out of their software…

It’s safe to say that over the past year, we’ve all learned the importance of technology and the amazing things it can offer, especially as so many of us have been working from home and relying solely on digital methods to conduct our business activities.

However, with tech advancing and developing at an astonishing rate, we know that there’s always something more that could be done to make our lives easier and make the most of the tools we have available – this certainly applies to cloud accounting software.

Xero’s new features

Many of our clients use Xero as their chosen software – but did you know there are a string of new features that have been introduced in 2021 to help users get even more value from their system?

Some of our top picks are:

Payment services: Xero users can now set up a GoCardless integration within their software so customers can pay invoices using direct debit.

Multi-factor authentication: You can now add a second layer of security to your account with Xero’s new ‘Xero Verify’ app, meaning you can to log-in to Xero more easily and safely by receiving push notifications to your device which allow you to authenticate whoever is logging in.

Invoices: Xero now apply credit limit blocks to repeating invoices, meaning that if a credit limit is exceeded, the invoice is saved as a draft instead of being approved or sent.

Invoices: Xero users can now apply overpayments and prepayments in new invoicing.

Xero accounting for iOS: Users can now delete draft and submitted invoices from the Xero app.

We want to ask our clients – could introducing any of these new tools help to optimise your Xero usage and allow you to get more out of your system?

Thinking about how you could make these new features work within your current Xero package could significantly enhance the overall value you get from it – not just financially, but also in terms of time savings, efficiency and decision making.

Why not transform your Xero usage with a health check from our team?

With technology constantly advancing and more digital tools available than ever before, now really is a great time to take a deeper look at your software to optimise your usage.

We would be delighted to provide you with a Xero health check, in which a member of our team will review your current software and advise on the best features, tools and integrations to support you in making the most of Xero. Please click on the button below to arrange, or for support with any Xero queries or guidance.