Helping you achieve more through careful planning

Successful management of cash and assets is an essential component of life and ensuring you stay on track to achieving your financial goals, such as buying a holiday home, paying for school / university fees and being able to retire when you want to.

Working in collaboration with our tax and corporate finance teams, our financial planning specialists spend time with you to understand your objectives and use our lifetime cashflow planning tools to devise a strategy to help you achieve them.

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate lifetime cashflow planning.

Here’s what you can expect

  • A focus on you

    Understanding your current situation and future goals to build a plan focused on helping you achieve them

  • Regular review meetings

    Revisiting your finances to ensure they stay on track, no matter what happens

  • “What if” thought process

    Making sure your finances are capable of dealing with all eventualities and helping you make the right decisions for your future

What our clients have to say

I have dealt with PM+M since 2011; both pre- and post-retirement.

I find that technical matters are explained clearly and agreed actions are implemented promptly.
Brian Hartup
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