Providing support and guidance when you need it most

It’s our job to look after our clients. We’re here to support and guide you throughout anything that comes your way, including tax investigation enquiries and dealings with HMRC.

Having advised on tax investigations for a number of years, PM+M is well placed to guide and protect you in relation to all types of enquiries, ranging from routine PAYE and VAT inspections, all the way through to full business investigations.

Here’s what you can expect

  • Optional fee protection insurance

    Allowing your fees to be protected if we ever need to support you during a tax investigation

  • HMRC expertise

    Significant insight into the tax investigation process, with some of our team having worked at HMRC for many years

  • Working to prevent investigations

    Our tax compliance experts work in partnership with you to manage risks and minimise your likelihood of receiving an enquiry in the first place

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