Focusing ideas and business goals

Looking ahead at the short and long-term future is a vital aspect of business.

With years of experience, our leading team of business planning experts can help you prepare and plan for the growth of your business, providing guidance on things like raising finance to achieve your goals.

Linking with other specialists across PM+M, we make sure that your plans work from a tax, accounting and financial planning perspective.

Here's what you can expect

  • Analysis

    Identifying your business’ current financial position and looking forward, taking into consideration business value, shareholder goals and market changes

  • Highly experienced team

    Advising based on our past experiences, guiding you towards your objectives

  • Hands-on Support

    Regular communication to ensure that strategies across your business are aligned with forecasts

What our clients have to say

My accountant at PM+M has always been approachable and able to explain complex areas in understandable terms. I couldn’t be happier with the service I have received and could wholeheartedly recommend PM+M.
Ian Townson
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