Management buyout

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A management buyout allows you to can gain control of the company you work for by buying it from your employer. All or some of your management team can have direct access as cooperative owners of your company or business. In many cases your management team will already know the inside workings of the company, but you can still benefit from getting independent, expert financial advice that gives your buyout a greater chance of success.

Our corporate finance team can help you work through all stages of the buying process to arrive at a successful conclusion. With our extensive experience, we can help you decide if your plan is feasible, create a business plan that will satisfy funders, find and assess funding options, and mediate negotiations to help you get the right price.

We work closely with our wealth management and tax planning teams to make sure that all areas are covered when facilitating your management buyout, giving you a complete and holistic service.

Your transaction will be more successful if we work with you from the very start, assessing feasibility first. Otherwise, it can become more complicated than it needs to be. MBO’s can be notoriously difficult to negotiate due to the many parties involved and their conflicting interests. Our advisers are experienced at mediating these difficulties. Over the years, our approach has been proven to help streamline the process and minimise the cost.

We can help you create a strategic business plan for the buyout, so you can understand your goals and your limitations exactly.  Your business plan needs to outline the future of the company or business under your joint ownership. This will put your employer-seller at ease and convince funders that you are a worthy investment.

Arranging funding for an MBO has become more complex, involving many different parties. In the current financial market, often several concessions and negotiations need to be arranged. Valuations are lower than they used to be and often lower than you expect. We can help you find funds and assess whether the offer is reasonable, so that you can get the most out of investors at minimal cost.

We can help arrange the complex fine-details of the buying process, giving you more time to do what you’ve been doing so well – managing your business or company. We place a lot of importance on our personal, tailored approach. We’ll get to know you management team and your business, so that we can get the best deal for you.

If you’re considering a management buyout or have already started a venture, we’re always happy to talk to you and give our independent, expert advice. You can phone, email or arrange a free exploratory meeting at our Blackburn or Burnley offices or at a place of your convenience. 

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