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    Providing a payroll update for employers at our recent seminar

    On Wednesday 26 February, over 40 North West business professionals joined the PM+M team at Stanley House for our highly anticipated ‘payroll update for employers’, at which we covered some key changes to payroll legislation due to take place from April 2020 and beyond.

    The changing payroll landscape reflects the UK’s modern working culture, which over the years has evolved to become more flexible than ever before. Our seminar’s objective was to provide a detailed overview of the upcoming changes, as well as offer tips and advice on how businesses can prepare.

    Our seminar was delivered by Julie Mason (Payroll Manager) and Julie Walsh (Tax Manager), who work collaboratively across teams at PM+M to support our clients on a range of payroll, off-payroll and employment tax matters.

    Julie Mason, speaking on behalf of PM+M’s payroll team, covered key changes within the areas of employment taxes, holiday pay, National Living and Minimum Wages, parental bereavement leave, ultra-low emission vehicles and more. Following this, Julie Walsh provided her expertise on the upcoming changes to off-payroll working (otherwise known as IR35), discussing the background of the legislation, recent high profile cases, and how the changes may impact employers, workers and intermediary parties.

    The engaging and entertaining presentations from our speakers prompted questions throughout the room and further discussion following the seminar around off-payroll working, childcare voucher schemes, state aid and more.

    Julie Mason commented, “We received a really positive response to our seminar and a high attendance rate, which was to be expected due to the numerous changes in legislation on the horizon for employers. I hope that myself and Julie Walsh were able to provide some clarity around the upcoming changes and helped those in the room understand their responsibilities and ways they can prepare.”

    Julie Walsh followed with, “Those who attended our session yesterday will no doubt be aware that off-payroll working is a complex and subjective topic, with the changes coming in April providing further challenges for employers.

     “My advice to anyone who is still unsure of their position and IR35 responsibilities would be to get in touch for a further discussion with me, at which I would be happy to offer support and guidance on next steps.”

    For additional payroll guidance, please contact Julie Mason ( or for specific tax advice, please get in touch with Julie Walsh (

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