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    Fluidly: An intelligent tool to transform your business’ cash flow

    Effective cash management is one of the most important aspects of running a business, and as an often stressful and time-consuming task, staying on top of cash flow can be hard work when you have other things to be doing.

    As a result, PM+M is delighted to announce that we recently partnered with Fluidly, a leading cloud-based tool designed to help businesses manage cash flow better, get paid faster and have more control over their business.

    Focusing on the premise that ‘cash is king’, Fluidly’s award winning software solutions are packed with features to help improve cash flow – giving visibility into both real-time cash movements and future projections. As a cloud-based platform, you’re able to access Fluidly wherever you are in the world by simply logging in via your web browser – especially useful for business owners on the go.

    As part of our partnership with Fluidly, we’re pleased to announce that “Fluidly Lite” is completely free for our Xero and QuickBooks clients, with the package’s key features outlined below:



    Through integrating seamlessly with Xero and QuickBooks, Fluidly automatically generates a 90-day cash forecast using artificial intelligence (AI) that identifies previous trends in your accounts, allowing you to predict the future cash position of your business.

    Allowing you to see your cash flow in real-time, this great feature takes away the burden of manual cash flow forecasting but also means you have quick access to reliable, accurate predictions of what money should be coming in and out of your business for any day, week or month – allowing you to plan better and think smarter.



    Fluidly Lite also offers automated credit control (e.g. tailored payment reminder emails) to keep cash flow moving, help you get paid faster and ensure you have enough money to pay your team.

    Using AI, Fluidly identifies ‘good or bad payers’ to allow you to tailor your approach for each customer and prioritise which invoices to chase, meanwhile, constantly monitoring your software for key risks and opportunities. Fluidly also intelligently breaks down your cash flow by transaction – alerting you to any outstanding invoices and late payers through the click of a button.



    As mentioned above, Fluidly Lite is FREE for PM+M’s Xero and QuickBooks Online users, and we’d be happy to support you through the set-up process so you can start managing your cash flow more effectively.

    For more advanced cash flow insights, Fluidly also offers Fluidly Pro, which provides cash flow forecasts of up to 12 months, tools to allow you to create ‘what if’ scenarios and more specific features to help you improve your business’ cash flow even further. The differences between both packages are outlined in Fluidly’s video here.

    Our specialists would be delighted to arrange a further discussion with you to provide further details of Fluidly’s packages, how they could work for your business, integrate with your current cloud accounting software and transform your cash flow for the better.

    Please get in touch with Jill Morris on 07392 081623 or by clicking on the button below to arrange a chat and get started.

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