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    A Q&A with our apprentices about their experience of working at PM+M…

    Here at PM+M, we recognise the importance of succession planning for the future and each year we proudly take on a number of apprentices to start their careers – giving them the opportunity to gain practical insights whilst studying towards a range of professional qualifications to secure the platform for their future and ongoing development.

    2021 is no different and we’re excited to be recruiting for four apprentice roles, with a view of finding some great new team members to work in our Blackburn and Bury offices.

    To celebrate our apprentices and the incredible role they play at PM+M, we held a quick Q&A session with some members of our team who are currently studying towards different levels of apprenticeships to find out what they think about working at PM+M and their experience of completing apprenticeships.

    Thank you to team members Ellie Manley, James Cocker, Brooke Blades and Helena Tranter for spending time chatting to us!


    We asked our team, why did you choose to do an apprenticeship?

    Ellie: I chose to go down the apprenticeship route as it gave me the opportunity to earn a competitive salary at a young age whilst gaining the desired experience in the industry.

    James: It was the same situation for me – completing an apprenticeship was my chosen option too, as I knew it would give me the opportunity to study and gain work experience at the same time.


    What is life like as an apprentice?

    Ellie: I learn with a hands-on approach so being able to practice what I learn in my studies really helps to build my confidence. Life as an apprentice is far from what I thought it would be and you are able to get stuck in from the get-go, which is great as you have the opportunity to manage your own responsibilities but you always have someone there when you need help.

    Brooke: I feel the same – I think that working as an apprentice is great as you can put what you learn into practice. This means you are constantly improving your knowledge and you can understand why you are doing things rather than just learning them for the sake of your qualification.

    Helena: Being an apprentice at PM+M is really rewarding – you are constantly encouraged to strive for the best both in work and in your studies whilst being provided with strong support.


    What’s next for you?

    James: My future ambitions are to continue studying towards becoming a chartered accountant, and working up to a more senior role within my team. There are lots of opportunities for progression at PM+M to help you constantly evolve and develop in your role.


    Do you have any tips for prospective apprentices who are thinking of applying for a role at PM+M?

    Brooke: My main piece of advice would be to enjoy your role as much as possible and understand that you are creating a long-term career that will be challenging and hard work, but extremely rewarding.

    Helena: To anyone thinking of applying – I would say just go for it, but definitely do your research about PM+M to stand out during the interview process and be confident in yourself.


    Want to apply for one of our 2021 apprenticeships?

    Applications for our apprenticeships are now open! We’re currently recruiting for four great individuals to start AAT apprenticeships in our tax, audit, accounts and cloud accounting teams.

    You can read more details about the roles and apply here. Alternatively, if you have any questions about the apprenticeships and would like to speak to a member of our team, please email us at!

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