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    Thank you to the PM+M cloud team for their help with providing training and assistance during our transition to Xero. Our admin work has drastically been reduced and our operations are now much smoother, giving us time to focus on delivering charitable aid.

    PM+M saw our work in the first audit and instantly recommended the use of Xero. The team offered training to help us through which was highly appreciated.

    Once we transitioned over, our time on admin work has been reduced, as well as reducing waste by printing less invoices as all documents are now moved over into Dext.

    We are extremely grateful to the team at PM+M for helping us and guiding us towards a more professional approach to our work. We would recommend any charities who are using Excel to contact PM+M and change the method of operations, as going forward, this will be more productive for you and your organisation.
    Our client, a newly established charity

    About our client

    The client set up the charity just before the Coronavirus pandemic and received a huge amount of donations which were being recorded on Excel spreadsheets. The client needed to keep track of which country and project each donation was related to, creating a lot of manual work. Likewise with submitting claims to HMRC for Gift Aid, an extremely time-consuming task, which included changing the format of the Excel spreadsheet to ensure it would be accepted by HMRC.

    How PM+M helped

    The PM+M cloud team implemented various cloud software to improve efficiencies and reduce time spent on manual tasks – ultimately creating a smoother and more automated finance function.

    We introduced Xero, which included:

    – Recording donation income in Xero, ensuring it could also easily fit the HMRC Gift Aid template when exported from the software, and setting up bank rules for regular donors for a smoother reconciliation.

    – Adding tracking categories to track which country and project the donation related to, allowing reporting for any timeframe.

    – Setting up custom receipts, whereby Xero automatically emailed a receipt to donors, including a bespoke thank you letter for larger donations.

    We also introduced Dext:

    – On the purchase side, our team provided training to the client, showing them how to upload purchase invoices for any overheads to Dext. The process includes Dext extracting information from the invoices and publishing it to Xero so they can be quickly matched to the relevant bank payments.



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      The biggest improvement to the process has been the Gift Aid submissions, which would normally take the client a full day to complete can now be done in 30 minutes!
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      Now everything is reconciled in Xero, the client is able to quickly run reports to see how many donations have been received for any period and how much has gone out to relevant causes.
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      By storing all data on Xero, when it comes to the year end audit process, all of the information is readily available – simplifying, and speeding up, the audit for both the client, and PM+M.
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