Accounting, tax and business advice
Twelve years ago, we approached PM+M for bookkeeping, accountancy, tax and business advice, knowing that they had a specialist agricultural team who could help us with our farm succession.
Janette Pate, JL & J Pate

About the company

JL & J Pate is a farming partnership based in Gisburn.

Whilst continuing to farm, JL & J Pate has successfully diversified its activities to include additional areas of agriculture in recent years.

How PM+M helped

James Pate took over his father’s farm twelve years ago and appointed PM+M to provide guidance and technical expertise to help ease the transition and assist with the business’s financial affairs going forward.

From the outset, PM+M focused on working in partnership with JL & J Pate and building strong business relationships that would allow our team to understand James and the business’s needs to provide the very best service possible.

Over this time, JL & J Pate have successfully diversified their activities following expert business advice from PM+M.

Services Provided

  • Accountancy
    Including bookkeeping and annual accounts preparation to provide the financial information needed to support business decision making
  • Taxation
    Providing business and personal tax compliance and planning services, helping JL & J Pate to be tax efficient and safeguard their financial future
  • Business advice
    Providing strategic guidance to help JL & J Pate transition to the next generation and diversify their activities
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