Business Sales From A Buyer’s Perspective

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Whilst you have nurtured your business into what it is today, often outsiders may see something different. For business owners, adding value to the company is important not only if you want to sell, but also if you want to grow. But what do buyers and investors actually mean by value, and what are they looking for when they are in the market to buy a business?

Selling your business might have not even crossed your mind yet but if you do decide this may be the right option for you in the future, it’s worth thinking about ways in which you can maximise its value sooner rather than later. Selling your business can be incredibly complex and is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. Understanding how you can maximise your options is important for both your personal finances and the future of the business. Remember, you’ve spent a lot of time, money and passion developing it.

On Thursday 11 June, our business sales team are running an interactive seminar to unravel the complex world of understanding what is needed to attract the right buyer, increasing the company’s value and putting you in the best position possible when the time does come to sell. For more information on this seminar or to reserve a place, please click the button below or contact Faye Hughes on 01254 679131.