Fee protection

Protecting you against the worry and cost of an HMRC investigation

Every year, thousands of taxpayers are investigated by HM Revenue & Customs.

Consider these facts

  • Having up to date tax records and a conscientious accountant will not prevent you from being investigated.  Tax payers are chosen at random – no one is immune.
  • Specialist taskforces have already raised around £550 million by targeting specific trades and industries.  Many more investigations are planned.
  • The Government has invested over £900 million in increased tax compliance activities.

Why you need protection from HMRC

HMRC investigations are highly disruptive and the cost of representing taxpayers through the whole process can quickly spiral.

Our tax investigation service (CCH Premier Protection) has been specially created to deal with HMRC’s new powers and to protect you against the unexpected costs of an investigation.

CCH Premier Protection provides up to £100,000 of professional costs per incident resulting from an HMRC intervention, including checks into your tax return, PAYE, P11D, NIC and VAT affairs.

With this tax investigation service in place we can dedicate the right level of representation without having to worry about spiralling costs.  To achieve the best outcome from any investigation you need specialist representation and, if we’re involved from the start, you are far more likely to escape paying extra tax or penalties.

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