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    Xero Payroll introduces new automated pension re-enrolment feature

    Xero have recently introduced a new pension re-enrolment feature in Xero Payroll.

    The new feature helps business owners save time and eliminate some of the administrative burden of pension re-enrolment.

    What is pension re-enrolment?

    As an employer in the UK, every three years you must assess any employees who have opted out of your workplace pension scheme and re-enrol them if they are eligible.

    Even if you have no staff to re-enrol onto the scheme, you must still select a re-enrolment date and complete a re-declaration of compliance to inform the pension regulator of how you have met your obligations.

    Remember, pension re-enrolment and re-declaration are an employer’s legal duty, and if you don’t act, you could be fined.

    How will the new Xero Payroll feature help?

    The automated pension re-enrolment feature will:

    • Automatically assess and enrol employees onto your workplace pension scheme,
    • Reduce manual processes and therefore errors; and
    • Ensure secure integration with pension provides

    Find out more including how to update your workplace pension settings by clicking here.

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