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    Spotlight on: Xero’s integrations with Futrli, GoCardless and Pay with Wise

    As one of the leading cloud accounting software systems on the market, Xero is constantly evolving to provide its users with even more features and tools, and ultimately, a better user experience. One of the key ways in which Xero does this is through integrating and partnering with various apps, which support businesses in a range of ways.

    In this blog, we’re putting the spotlight on some great app integrations available to Xero users to help you understand which apps may work for you and how you can make the most of your software…



    One of Xero’s most popular app integrations is with Futrli, a leading cash flow forecasting tool that takes into account all aspects of your finances to help you plan and make better business decisions.

    Updating twice daily, Futrli Predict analyses trends, seasonality and growth patterns (including impact resulting from COVID-19) to help business owners understand their cash flow in more detail and know where to focus their attention.

    As a Futrli app partner, PM+M is delighted to support any clients with getting started with Futrli or answering any queries you may have surrounding how to use it.

    More detail on Xero’s integration with Futrli can be found here.


    Pay with Wise

    For businesses who need support with managing bills and transactions, Pay with Wise can be a great option.

    Pay with Wise is a bill payment feature that lets business owners pay their suppliers through Xero, using their preferred bank account. This allows users to pay multiple bills in one transaction, rather than individually on multiple dates – providing greater visibility and insight into your finances, as well as reassurance that your suppliers have been paid on time.

    For more information on Pay with Wise or how it could work for your business, please visit Xero’s website here.



    In April, Xero released their integration with GoCardless to provide business owners with the opportunity to set up direct debits with customers to automatically collect payments for Xero invoices. This great tool can be used to either set up one-off or recurring payments, allowing complete flexibility for Xero users depending on their business needs and providing more reassurance that you will be paid on time.

    Existing Xero users can read more information about Xero’s integration with GoCardless here and find out how to get started with setting up direct debits here.



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    Xero has a whole host of apps for a variety of different functions and we would be delighted to support you with getting started on any of these.

    For advice on any of the apps in the above article, or general guidance on which apps may work best for your business, please feel free to get in touch with our cloud team manager, Rosie Cooper, using the button below.

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