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    Celebrating Lancashire Day!

    In celebration of Lancashire Business Day, and in anticipation of Lancashire Day 2022 on Sunday, we ran a short Q&A with some of the partners at PM+M – talking all things Lancashire and doing business in our county.

    Here’s what they had to say!

    1. What does Lancashire mean to you?

    James McIntyre: I’ve never had the desire to move to a big city in terms of my career. Lancashire is friendly, down to earth, and never more than 10 minutes away from somewhere green and peaceful. I’m proud to call Lancashire my home.

    Helen Clayton: Having been born on the other side of the Pennines, Lancashire is my home as it’s where I met my friends, it’s where my family is and it’s where I feel happy.

    Lancashire means people who are friendly, accepting of diversity and difference, who are honest and down to earth, who like doing things and making things and trusting people and just being.

    Lancashire means variety and fun and hidden talent and the place in all the world I have chosen to live.

    Jane Parry: Lancashire means home. I love to travel and spend quite a bit of time in London, but Lancashire is home.


    2. What do you enjoy about working in Lancashire?

    James McIntyre: The business community is very friendly and want to share business together.

    Helen Clayton: The breadth of expertise, brilliance, and engagement you get from people you meet, whether clients, referrers, or new friends.

    Jane Parry: The best things about working in Lancashire are the wonderful, straight taking people and the amazing array of world class businesses we have in our county.


    3. What’s your favourite thing about being part of the Lancashire community?

    Helen Clayton: The ‘just get on with it’ mindset.

    Jane Parry: I love the fact that there is such a great business community, with everyone focused on supporting local business and community.

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