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    Lancashire Advanced Engineering and Manufacturing (AEM) Watchtower project has now been launched

    The Lancashire Advanced Engineering and Manufacturing (AEM) Watchtower project, which will be delivered by the North West Aerospace Alliance, Aerospace Consulting and Community & Business Partners, was officially launched on 4 March 2022. The £1 million initiative will support development and growth in the aerospace and advanced engineering industry across Lancashire over the next two years.

    The project will use local industry knowledge to support aerospace suppliers as they stabilise, recover, and grow during the Covid-19 pandemic. Additionally, it will help to identify organisations that will benefit the most from tailored, coordinated business support, whilst helping businesses access the right type of support at the right time of their recovery.

    The two-year programme will include five elements:

    1. An intelligence function to identify and protect Lancashire’s key aerospace assets and businesses
    2. A talent retention service to help people who have lost skilled jobs in aerospace to find new work
    3. Support for businesses to find new contracts which fit their manufacturing capabilities nationally and internationally
    4. Support for businesses to innovate, for example, developing new products or new ways of working
    5. A campaign to reinforce that Lancashire remains a perfect location for aerospace and advanced manufacturing businesses seeking somewhere to grow

    The funding is part of the Lancashire County Council’s £12.8million Lancashire Economic Recovery and Growth Fund – specifically targeting some of the economic impacts of Covid-19.

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