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    James McIntyre: ‘Commencing my journey with PM+M Wealth Management’

    In this blog, James McIntyre looks back at his first few months at PM+M, discussing how garden leave came as a blessing in disguise as well as his plans for the future, with adding value and supporting clients in as many ways as possible being at the forefront of his agenda…

    At the start of this year, I embarked on an exciting new journey within PM+M’s wealth management team and there has been no looking back. As we lay out our wealth management strategy for the next 10 years, it’s clear that this is an exciting time to come aboard as we look to continually enhance our client experience and drive strong organic growth.

    Garden leave

    In between leaving my previous role at Taylor Patterson/Mattioli Woods and joining PM+M, I was blessed to be able to enjoy 8 weeks of garden leave with my family. This is time that I will always look back fondly upon; I am smiling as I write this very article. I have a four-year-old daughter and was able to enjoy the school run as well as long walks with my one-year old son – time with my children which was very much appreciated.

    I was also able to spend time in my allotment, preparing the space for 2021, clearing my mind ready for an exciting new journey at PM+M.

    I am passionate about contributing to the success of PM+M and supporting my colleagues, my clients and my family. I expect that the remainder of 2021 will be just as busy as it has been so far and I have to say that this is why our family time will remain crucial at the weekends and our annual trip to Woolacombe, North Devon will be invaluable.

    Advising and supporting our clients

    I have a passion for devising and implementing a financial plan for clients. The relationship between an adviser and their client is unique because you share life’s challenges and adventures together – creating a strong bond and working relationship that lasts for many years. There is nothing better than a client recommending you to a friend, business partner or family member; you know that you have earnt their trust and respect and have made a difference in some way.

    Working as a financial adviser in Lancashire is rewarding given that you have the opportunity to work with a variety of people: individuals that are starting their career and building a plan for their future, those looking to sustain their hard-earned money throughout retirement, business owners, employees and families. I was brought up in Blackburn and care about our county – as a result, I am immensely proud to be able to offer advice to individuals in the area, as well as work closely with other local organisations who operate in our tight-knit business community.

    Being part of the PM+M team provides the ability to support clients across the full advisory landscape. With a wide range of business and private client services being offered at PM+M, collectively, our team can assist clients in whatever area they need (whether business-related or personal) and guide them throughout their journey to achieving their objectives.


    Alongside my role as a financial adviser, part of my position as Director gives me the opportunity to play my part in guiding the future trajectory of the business. I share the same core values as PM+M (Quality, Achievement, Fun and Doing the Right Thing) and I look forward to helping PM+M and our great team continue applying these to everything we do.

    I strive to add value to PM+M; for my clients and my colleagues. I want to be able to look back in 20 years’ time, when I am hanging up my boots and be able to say that I have helped my family whilst adding value to my clients, colleagues and professional connections. This would make me immensely proud.

    Looking towards the future…

    PM+M is a unique organisation where partners and senior team look towards the future to ensure that our clients and team can be supported for generations to come.

    I am excited to be working with PM+M’s clients and look forward to connecting with new individuals and working with people that I have previously met. So, if you would like to catch up, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me using the button below.

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    James McIntyre
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