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    Is trying to find funding for your business keeping you up at night? We can help you!

    Having supported clients with raising finance for many years, here at PM+M we understand that sourcing the funding required to grow your business can be a time consuming and often expensive task. And whilst COVID-19 continues to deliver significant challenges for businesses, never has there been a more important time to have easy access to funding.

    That’s why we’re delighted to announce that PM+M has partnered with Capitalise, a capital advisory platform designed to help SMEs discover finance providers who can add value to their businesses quickly and efficiently.

    By working with Capitalise, we can offer our clients and contacts access to over 100 leading mainstream and independent UK lenders who understand the unique financial demands faced by SMEs. Capitalise allows you to benefit from their lenders’ many years of experience in providing capital solutions and a seamless funding service to businesses just like yours.


    So, what can Capitalise do for my business?

    As mentioned above, Capitalise compares finance options from over 100 lenders who offer products including:

    Asset finance: Businesses can fund any asset (from telephones to forklift trucks) through asset finance

    Invoice finance: If you invoice your work to other businesses, Capitalise can use your invoices to get funding

    Merchant cash advance: Use your credit card transactions to receive funding

    Trade finance: You can pay for goods based on an order using trade finance

    Working capital: Receive a working capital loan to finance everyday operations

    Property finance: SMEs can get access to bridging loans, development and commercial finance

    Whether you need funding to boost your business’ cash flow or drive growth, Capitalise can compare and source suitable finance that works for you.


    Who provides the funding?

    Some of the lenders Capitalise work with include:


    The benefits

    PM+M’s partnership with Capitalise means that our team are able to manage your application on your behalf and support you at all stages of the funding process, positioning your business in the very best light to attract lenders and secure finance.

    Some benefits of accessing your funding through our partnership with Capitalise include:

    You can get it right first go
    Understanding the SME landscape is Capitalise’s expertise. Working with PM+M and Capitalise means that you have more chance of accessing the right lender for you first time, and less chance of being rejected, impacting your credit score or receiving high interest rates.

    It’s quick and simple
    There’s no need to fill out countless applications. By using the Capitalise platform, you can fill out one form and access multiple lenders at once.

    It’s built around YOU
    As your accountant, we know your business. That’s why we work hand-in-hand with Capitalise to provide insights and ensure we get the right financial product for you and your objectives.

    Complete flexibility and no lengthy meetings required
    Capitalise analyse the market to compare different funding options from high street banks and specialist lending institutions. Being able to access this information through the click of a button means you can explore all of these opportunities and your likelihood of being funded any time of day.


    Get in touch today

    Our funding specialists would be delighted to arrange a further discussion with you to provide further details of Capitalise, how it could work for you and get you started with accessing funding via Capitalise.

    To find out more, please email or call 01254 679131 and ask to speak to a member of our funding team. We look forward to supporting you on your Capitalise journey!

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