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    Happy National Apprenticeship Week from PM+M!

    Here at PM+M, we are very proud of the success of our apprenticeship programmes – it is fantastic to see our apprentices grow and develop with the firm, whilst working towards achieving a professional qualification on their PM+M journey.

    As our headcount grows year-on-year, we now have 27 team members from across our firm studying towards different levels of apprenticeships, including AAT level 2 and 4, ACA level 7 and the business administration apprenticeship.

    In celebration of National Apprenticeship Week, we asked some our apprentices to share some insights into their experience of the PM+M apprenticeship programme…

    First of all, why did you choose to do an apprenticeship?

    Josh Tuplin, (ACA level 7 – audit + advisory) : I personally didn’t fancy the university route as I much preferred the idea of ‘earning and learning’. I also thought that I would be at a better stage in my career in 5 years’ time if I chose to do an apprenticeship.

    Brooke Blades, (AAT level 4 – cloud accounting): I’ve always been a kinetic learner, so I find it much better to practice what I am being taught in a real-life setting. Taking part in an apprenticeship offers the opportunity to understand the subject more, with the added benefit of getting paid whilst studying.

    What do you enjoy the most about your job and working at PM+M?

    Deenah Khan (AAT level 2 – tax): PM+M encourages us to set our own goals and they do their best to support us in achieving them. PM+M values improvement and trying new things, which I find an important part of a job. For example, I work with the tax team but PM+M has given me the opportunity to join the accounts team for a couple of weeks and this experience has helped me with exams.

    Hassan Younis, (AAT level 4 – accounts + advisory): I enjoy the versatility my role has to offer – cloud accounting consists of VAT returns, accounts, corporate tax and payroll, to name a few. I like to take advantage of the depth of the role and learn as much as I can. Another thing I like about PM+M is that the team is friendly and approachable – I have asked them many questions related to my studies and they are always more than happy to help.

    What advice would you give to someone wishing to apply to PM+M’s 2022 AAT Apprenticeship programme?

    Umar Makda, (level 3 – payroll): An apprenticeship can be tough at times because of the work and study balance. You will find that having a plan in place to help you achieve your goals will ease this pressure.

    Helena Tranter, (qualified – tax): I’d start with researching both the AAT qualification and the company that are offering the programme so that you’re prepared for the future. Be confident in yourself and your abilities and don’t hesitate to let your personality shine. Remember that they are looking for potential, not perfection.

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