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    Celebrating National Apprenticeship Week 2023 – Q&A with our apprentices

    In 2022, we welcomed our largest ever intake of apprentices, welcoming 9 new team members across audit, accounting, tax, payroll, and financial planning. The team have settled in well and have been achieving great exam results so far.

    Our headcount continues to grow each year, with 27 team members across our firm studying towards AAT, ACA, CII and ATT qualifications.

    In celebration of National Apprenticeship Week, we asked some of our apprentices to share some insights into their apprenticeship journey so far…

    Our apprentices:

    Safaa Chaudary – level 3 AAT

    Alice Young – level 3 CII

    Tyler Morton – level 3 AAT

    Sumayyah Karolia – level 3 AAT

    Umar Makda – qualified level 3 payroll administrator

    Deenah Khan – level 3 AAT

    Freddie Park – level 2 AAT

    Muneebah Pathan – level 3 payroll administrator

    Why did you choose to go down the route of an apprenticeship?

    Safaa: An apprenticeship was the best route for me as I am getting training and experience along the way. It also keeps me motivated as I have the pressures of a fast-paced work environment.

    Alice: I think it’s a much more practical route where you are constantly learning on the job, not just the studying side of it.

    Tyler: I chose the apprenticeship route as I wanted real experience in the accountancy world. I get the same qualifications and get paid, unlike a university student.

    Sumayyah: As a visual learner, I learn better when putting my knowledge into practice rather than studying a textbook. Therefore, for me, an apprenticeship was the right route. I understand the accounting practices I study at college better as I am adapting that knowledge to the workplace on a daily basis.

    Umar: I chose to go down the apprenticeship route because I felt this was the best option for me. I gain first-hand experience whilst studying the field – which enhances the knowledge and understanding of my role whilst also getting paid.

    Deenah: I went down the route of an apprenticeship after finishing my A-Levels. I specifically chose an apprenticeship as I wanted to study alongside working to gain experience in my job role. By choosing an apprenticeship, it allowed me to have a better insight into what I am learning by using the knowledge for exams, as well as equipping me with vital skills that are needed for a job.

    Freddie: I chose to go down the route of an apprenticeship as I felt it would provide the best opportunity for me to gain real world work experience, whilst still being able to work towards a professional qualification.  I felt that through an apprenticeship, I would be able to learn important life skills necessary both in and out of the workplace.

    Muneebah: I chose to do an apprenticeship as I liked the idea of being able to learn whilst also gaining experience. I find that by doing an apprenticeship, I can gain skills that will allow me to develop professionally and personally.

    Why did you choose to apply for an apprenticeship at PM+M?

    Safaa: I chose to work at PM+M as the culture of the company has great values of fun, quality, doing the right thing and achievement, which they do work by and recognise colleagues that are implementing them.

    Alice: I heard nothing but good things about PM+M so I chose to apply. The application process includes an assessment centre which is a fun experience.

    Tyler: I applied because I believed in the core values of the firm. Each person I spoke to within the PM+M team was kind and truly praised PM+M. Now I know why.

    Freddie: I chose to apply for an apprenticeship at PM+M as I felt it would be a good environment for me to learn and develop whilst surrounded by helpful and qualified professionals. I found the application process straightforward and easy to understand, with good communication between myself and the company.

    What do you enjoy the most about your role and working at PM+M?

    Safaa: I enjoy the fact that whilst doing the apprenticeship, you are working with clients and helping them with their queries, and when you do not know what to do, you can ask another colleague and learn things yourself too. Although I would say it isn’t easy doing an apprenticeship, as there is a lot to learn, but everyone at PM+M is more than happy to help.

    Alice: I enjoy the working environment and all the team are great.

    Sumayyah: The goals and achievements of the firm are continuously shared to ensure the workforce are aware of where the company is heading, and how our individual efforts contribute to the overall success of the business.

    As a member of the cloud accounting team, I enjoy being able to complete and get involved in a range of different accounting jobs on a weekly basis, from bookkeeping, through to VAT returns and accounts, rather than continuously doing the same tasks repeatedly.

    Tyler: I enjoy the working environment within my team and around PM+M as a whole. Every time I need help or support, I can always speak up and rely on my team or people around me to help anyway they can.

    Umar: I enjoy working on calculation-based tasks, and it gives me great satisfaction when I am able to correctly work out tough calculations manually. PM+M is a great place to work, and they are always open to support me with personal development.

    Freddie: The most enjoyable aspect of my role is being able to continuously learn and come across new things that can increase my overall understanding of the work that I am doing. The most enjoyable part about working at PM+M is the social aspect and the encouragement of teams and departments spending time together outside of normal day to day work.

    What advice would you give to those thinking about pursuing an apprenticeship?

    Safaa: I would say it was the best decision I ever made, as you are constantly motivated to do your best. You are learning and working therefore developing professionalism in the workplace, and best of all, there’s no debt as you are getting paid.

    Freddie: As good as apprenticeships can be for starting your career path and helping you work towards gaining a professional qualification, they can also help you grow as an individual, open up new opportunities and help people become more independent, more confident and develop other important life skills.

    Muneebah: I would advise to do thorough research of the role you are applying for and the firm, so that you can stand out during interviews and the application process.


    If you’re considering an apprenticeship now or at any point in the future, please get in touch with a member of our people team by emailing We run an apprenticeship recruitment programme each year and are always looking for great people to join our team.

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