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    Tax helpline to support businesses affected by coronavirus

    HMRC has a set up a telephone helpline to support businesses and self-employed people concerned about not being able to pay their tax due to coronavirus (COVID-19).

    The number is 0800 024 1222, and you can read more about the helpline here.

    The helpline allows any business or self-employed individual who is concerned about paying their tax due to coronavirus to get practical help and advice. Up to 2,000 experienced call handlers are available to provide support if needed.

    For those who are unable to pay due to coronavirus, HMRC will discuss your specific circumstances, including:

    – Agreeing an instalment arrangement

    – Suspending debt collection proceedings

    – Cancelling penalties and interest where you have administrative difficulties contacting or paying HMRC immediately

    Before you contact HMRC, you’ll need:

    – Your reference number (for example, your 10-digit unique taxpayer reference or VAT reference number)

    – The amount of the tax bill you’re finding difficult to pay and the reasons why

    – The steps you have taken to try to pay the outstanding amount

    – The amount you can pay immediately and how long you may need to pay the remaining balance

    – Your bank account details


    Be prepared for questions around the outstanding amounts owed, HMRC will ask you about:

    – Your income and expenditure

    – Your assets, like savings and investments

    – What you’re doing to get your tax payments back in order

    HMRC will give you their opinion as to whether they think you should be able to pay immediately. If you cannot, they’ll decide whether you’ll be able to get your payments back on track with more time to pay.

    If you have been given more time to pay in the past, you may be asked more in-depth questions. In more complex cases HMRC may ask for evidence before they make a decision.


    If you are having issues with paying your tax due to the coronavirus or for any other reason, please call Julie Walsh on 01254 604312 for a confidential discussion.



    This information is correct as of 17 March 2020. This blog is for general guidance only. Recipients should not act upon any of the information provided without seeking specific professional advice tailored to your circumstances, requirements or needs. Please contact PM+M before making any decisions based on any matters relating to this blog.

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