Help for self-employed during coronavirus

On Friday 20 March, Chancellor Rishi Sunak, promised to cover 80% of workers’ wages to prevent employers from laying their employees off under a new measure known as the coronavirus job retention scheme.

The Government has since come under intense scrutiny to also support the self-employed and freelancers. Today (24 March), a potential lifeline has been offered to self-employed people after an amendment was made to the Government’s ‘emergency coronavirus bill’ entitled Statutory Self-Employment Pay, this would cover up to 80% of their monthly net earnings (averaged over the last three years) or £2,917 per month, whichever is lower.

It is hoped the emergency bill will go to the Lords today, with any amends tomorrow and go back to MPs on Thursday, to allow it to comes into law by close on Thursday 26 March.

Our advice is check all information via the website.

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