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    Fluidly: An intelligent cash flow tool to support your business through coronavirus

    With the spread of COVID-19 causing supply chain problems and uncertainties for businesses all over the world, effective cash flow management is now more important than ever before.

    Committed to supporting our clients during this difficult time and adding value wherever we can, PM+M is delighted to announce that we recently partnered with Fluidly, an industry leading cloud-based tool designed to help businesses stay on top of cash flow, get paid faster and make better business decisions.

    With understanding cash projections so important right now, we’re excited to announce that “Fluidly Lite” (complete with a 90-day forecast feature) is not only free for our Xero and QuickBooks Online clients but also automatic.

    Packed with features to help improve cash flow, this intelligent and award-winning tool has already helped to transform thousands of businesses globally. We’re really looking forward to supporting our clients on their Fluidly journeys and seeing results – especially during these challenging times when cash is king.

    Fluidly’s key features are outlined below:


    Cash flow forecasting

    By integrating seamlessly with your accounting software, Fluidly can automatically generate a 90-day cash forecast using artificial intelligence (AI) that analyses data within Xero or QuickBooks to identify trends, allowing you to predict the future cash position of your business.

    Producing insights in real time, this great feature takes away the burden and time-consuming task of manual cash flow forecasting but also means you have fast access to reliable, up-to-date predictions of what money should be coming in and out of your business for any day, week or month – allowing you to look further ahead and plan more efficiently.


    Automated credit control / transaction analysis

    Fluidly Lite also offers automated credit control (e.g. tailored payment reminder emails and scheduled calls) to keep cash flow moving, ensure its users get paid faster and have enough money for payroll – something that we think will prove especially useful for many of our clients during these uncertain times brought on by COVID-19.

    Using AI, Fluidly identifies ‘good or bad payers’ to allow businesses to customise their credit control approach for each customer and prioritise which invoices to chase, meanwhile, constantly monitoring customer accounts for key risks and opportunities.

    Within this area, Fluidly also intelligently breaks down your cash flow by transaction – alerting you to any outstanding invoices and late payers in a matter of minutes, and with Fluidly accessible via your web browser, you have the ability to do this wherever you are in the world, whenever you like.


    A message to our cloud accounting clients…

    As mentioned above, Fluidly Lite is free for PM+M’s Xero and QuickBooks Online clients, so keep an eye on your inbox over the next week for your invitation to take up this offer.

    For more advanced cash flow insights, Fluidly also offers Fluidly Pro, which provides cash flow forecasts of up to 12 months, tools to allow you to create ‘what if’ scenarios and more specific features to help you improve your business’ cash flow even further. The differences between both packages are outlined in Fluidly’s video here.


    Get in touch

    Our cloud accounting team are on hand to discuss Fluidly in more detail and we are really looking forward getting you started with this useful tool that we’re sure will give you a far greater understanding of your current and future financial position.

    For further advice on Fluidly, how it can integrate with your cloud accounting software, and give you true control over your financial management, please get in touch with Jill Morris on 07392 081623 or by clicking on the button below.


    This information is correct as of 24 April 2020. This blog is for general guidance only. Recipients should not act upon any of the information provided without seeking specific professional advice tailored to your circumstances, requirements or needs. Please contact PM+M before making any decisions based on any matters relating to this blog.

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