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    We have been utilising PM+M's finance support and outsourcing services for our small company for the last 4 years. Their knowledge of cloud technology has revolutionised our information flow, providing us with easy access to crucial financial data anytime, anywhere. The cloud team's unwavering assistance has been invaluable. PM+M's ability to simplify complex financial matters and provide timely, jargon-free responses has empowered us to make informed decisions with confidence. Their expertise has been a cornerstone of our growth, and we extend our sincerest gratitude for their support over the years.
    We would also like to thank Capitalise – we are in a much stronger position following the credit review, meaning we are in a much stronger position to succeed in our industry.

    A technology services business was challenged with the high cost of tech. In a cutting-edge industry, providing high-performance technologies such as artificial intelligence and augmented reality, there were heavy financial demands for the business. To keep their operations running smoothly, and to have the opportunity to scale up, the business needed to access resources on credit from their partners. The technology they work with ranges from £100,000s up to £millions. This means that without a sufficient credit limit, they would be challenged to transact with large customers and distributors. The business was being held back with a credit score of 31/100 and a lower credit limit than they needed.

    How PM+M helped

    Our client discussed their issues with us, and we introduced them to Capitalise’s credit review service. The service helped the client understand their credit score and provide more information and documentation to Experian which meant that within a week, the client’s credit score increased by 104%, from 31/100 to 80/100.

    The outcome

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      Access to more trade credit
      The client is now in a position to access 104x more credit – a huge increase which puts them in a stronger position to succeed in their industry
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      Propelled growth opportunities
      The client’s increased credit score means they can now pursue higher-value opportunities
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      Able to negotiate better payment terms
      With an increased credit score, the client can access more favourable payment terms, and is more confident in asking for support from their partners
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