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    We would like to thank Rosie and the cloud accounting team at PM+M for their help in implementing Xero, Dext and Approval Max. We don’t know how we ever managed without this software! We have saved so much time, improved efficiencies and looking forward, we will have much less paperwork which was taking up so much office space.
    Peter Gill, Hamilton Heath Estates

    About our client

    Our client is a well-respected commercial property company in the North West. Previously on a bespoke piece of software for the management of their commercial properties including an integrated financial application, the Cloud Team converted the historic data to Xero and provided them with solutions to meet their growing needs.

    How PM+M helped

    PM+M’s cloud team implemented various cloud software to help achieve an efficient and streamlined finance function, reduce paperwork and the risk of error when duplicating information, but also reduce time spent on authorizing costs and preparing financial information for the directors and shareholders.

    – We implemented Dext – the business now has no paperwork as all invoices are now scanned or emailed directly to Dext and posted to Xero directly from there.

    – We implemented Approval Max – a chain of authorization was created so invoices could be sent from Dext to Approval Max. The invoices were then allocated to the correct authorizer, approved, and automatically synced to Xero.

    – We recommended using Re-Leased as the property management software and worked alongside the team to ensure the correct data was flowing through.


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      The app stack provided our client with a faster way of authorizing and finding copies of invoices (as they are all held digitally) but also saved our client time when generating financial information and reports such as VAT returns.
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      Using software such as Dext and Approval Max allows for automatic syncing of data with Xero.
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      The software implemented allows the directors to see a “snap shot” of their business at any time
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