UK Firms Face Digital Skills Gap

shutterstock_399952573The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) has warned that there is a divide in the UK economy, with many firms lagging far behind when it comes to digitisation.

Despite the fact that Britain is the world leader in e-commerce and sits in fifth place for availability of technology, it ranks a disappointing 14th for companies adopting digital technology. The CBI and global consulting firm IBM clarify that research indicates that only 55% of companies were adopting cutting edge tech, whilst 45% lag behind. Furthermore, research from Barclays has found that companies are investing an average of £109 per year on digital skills training for each employee, yet 43% of employers still have trouble implementing initiatives to upskill their employees.

The research also highlighted produced some interesting findings which uncovered that there is a perceived advantage of youth when it comes to digital skills. Following this, 45% of employers added that older employees were slower to pick up new tech skills and 59% of those employees claimed that they were concerned about being replaced by younger, more digitally advanced employees.

Also, 27% of bosses added that data security was an issue and was found to be a highly regarded skill in employees. Security of data is becoming a major business risk issue and it is vital that business owners are aware of the risks and what can be done to manage them.

Despite the research, only 19% of businesses surveyed intend to increase their investment in new technology and training over the next five years. In response to this, the CBI has urged firms to appoint a chief digital or technology officer to the senior executive team to promote enhanced awareness, investment and training.

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