The future is bright…………the future is e-Payslips

Have you considered going green with your employees’ payslips?

Not only would you be helping the environment, but it is a more cost effective and secure way of supplying your employees with their payslips.

If you currently hand deliver payslips, consider not having to walk around the building handing payslips out, not having a collection of them building up in your drawer.  Your time can be better spent focusing on your business.  Similarly, if you post them, think of the regular postage cost and the risk of things going astray occasionally.

ePayslips are a brilliant solution to all of this.  Simply opt for ePayslips and these can be uploaded to a secure portal for your employees to retrieve electronically.  The service is easy to use, secure, cost effective and eco-friendly.

ePayslips will be available at each pay frequency on the published date, that you, the employer specify.  Employees will have their own employee ID and PIN.  The ePayslips website will retain historical payslips within the employee’s record and these will be stored there for future viewing and printing.  ePayslips also has an employer view which will enable you to get an overview of ePayslip information held on the internet.

Make it your own – you can personalise the payslips to your business and can add your company logo.

ePayslip on the go……. Employees are now able to view their ePayslips on a mobile device.


Make your life easier and call our Payroll Team to set up on 01254 604311.

Julie Mason – Payroll Services Manager