Tax Planning The Do’s And Don’ts – What Can You Do To Minimise Your Tax Legitimately?


Whilst tax is necessary to  keep the country running, everyone wants to make sure that they don’t pay too much.

The question is what is sensible tax planning to make sure that we are paying only the right amount and where does that end and unacceptable tax avoidance begin?

You may be wondering where to start and it can be difficult to identify what is a legitimate way of reducing the amount you pay without incurring the wrath of the tax authorities.

Our simple tax planning guide takes you through various areas of tax planning advice for both you and your business in a clear and easy to understand way.

As every situation is different, this guide is exactly that – a guide.  It should give you a good idea of what is possible and appropriate for you.  Then, if having read it you decide you want to do some planning, please speak to us so we can make sure it will work for you in the best way.

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