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Quarterly Economic Review


The East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce are giving you the opportunity, once again, to tell the Government what it’s like doing business in East Lancashire in 2017.

The survey is carried out quarterly and is taken very seriously by central Government as it provides an economic snapshot of the area. It’s important that as many businesses as possible complete the survey so that the results provide a true reflection across all sectors and that the Government has the best information on which to make important decisions that may impact our area over the next few months.

To complete the survey, please click the button below.


HMRC Homes in on East Lancashire with Fines for Late Tax Returns


Due on 31 October, a late paper tax return could result in a £100 fine for East Lancashire residents as HMRC targets the region. Whether you have tax to pay or not, and even if you pay the tax on time, HMRC have the right to fine for late-filing.   If you file your tax return electronically, the deadline is 31 January, but if you want to submit a paper tax return, you have to get it in by the end of this month to avoid penalties.

According to HRMC, around 179,000 people in Lancashire need to file a Self-Assessment tax return and many of those may not be aware of the looming deadline.

Even if you plan to file electronically, you should avoid leaving your tax return until January.  It can take some time to get yourself set up on HMRC’s online service, particularly as HMRC’s systems get busier in January.

For more information about tax returns and how PM+M can help you, please contact Jane Parry or a member of the tax team on 01254 679131.