Monthly Archives: March 2012

Success for PM+M’s Football Team

PM+M’s very own 5-a-side football team are celebrating after coming 3rd in the Company Challenge 2012 – a newly-formed tournament for local businesses.

The competition, which involved 10 teams from local Blackburn businesses took place at the Blackburn Soccerdome in Shadsworth on Tuesday 13th March. PM+M team captain, Mark Walsh said, “The competition was tough, but it was a great night. We were beaten by worthy winners and we’re looking forward to challenging the title next time round”

HMRC plans relaunched Business Records Check programme

HMRC has announced a suspension of the Business Records Check (BRC) program until the new tax year, when they will implement a new approach.

Any new BRC appointments will be postponed until the revamped approach is launched early in the 2012/13 financial year. However, HMRC will continue to undertake visits already booked (including follow up visits) to those already identified as having seriously inadequate statutory records.

For more information, call our tax team on 01254 679131

Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (‘SEIS’)

This is a new tax-advantaged venture capital scheme, similar to the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) which will be introduced from April 2012.

This new scheme is aimed at helping start-up companies to attract initial investment and could give investors in new/recently formed small companies a huge 78% tax relief.

There are complex conditions to the scheme so please speak to one of our specialist tax team members for advice on 01254 679131.