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Our Approach

Tailored Accounting Solutions

Being part of a firm of chartered accountants, we understand accounting software. Whether your requirements are more suited to an online starter solution, such as Xero for example, or whether you require a more complex mid-market enterprise software, we can help you personalise and build a solution the meets your specific needs.

We will help you every step of the way including helping you analyse your needs, developing a tailored solution, implementing the software, training end-users and management and supporting you once it is up and running.

Teaming relevant and innovative software with personalised service

Whilst there is an abundance of accounting companies who install software, what makes PM+M Technologies stand out from the crowd is our unique approach to service and finding the right software, designed to fit the needs of your business. We recognise that every business is unique, with different strengths and weaknesses, and our experts work with you to provide tailored software and solutions.

Which Accounting Solution?

Accounting systems can provide you with more than just simple bookkeeping functionality. Our systems can offer some fantastic features to improve efficiency, such as:

  • Stock Control
  • Order Processing
  • Work Orders
  • CRM
  • Project Costing
  • Business Process Automation

However, we understand that not every business needs all the ‘bells and whistles’ so PM+M Technologies customise solutions to fit your needs.

There are various software technologies available for different requirements, such as desktop applications, cloud services (a great option if you are out and about) and hybrid solutions, which embrace the benefits of desktop and the cloud.

Small or Start-up Businesses

When starting up/ running a small business there are a lot of things to think about. When thinking about your accounting system, you need to consider the different functionalities that you may require, now and in the future, i.e. do you want to manage your stock levels and create sales orders?

There are several different software providers on the market depending on your desired functionality:

  • Sage Instant Accounts provides an ideal starter desktop solution, whilst Sage 50 provides features to the larger and growing businesses.
  • Xero accounting solution also provides an ideal starter solution for businesses who wish to run their system in the cloud.
  • The latest versions of Sage 50 includes Sage Drive which allows a hybrid set up. This is a great option if you work from multiple locations as you can access Sage 50 desktop applications remotely via Sage Drive or enable access via tables for a mobile sales team.

Growing an Established Business

As businesses grow, their requirements for a system change and become more complex. They may also require more efficient integration with other systems within the organisation or with their customers/suppliers.

Using our flagship product, Access Dimensions, enables us to deliver more complex reporting, integration and simple data entry processes around financial and commercial transactions. Dimensions is reliable and powerful and our developer can build on the power of Dimensions to simplify data entry and data capture.