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IT Solutions

IT Strategy

IT is integral to every business, regardless of industry, sector or size. The PM+M Technologies team help businesses develop an IT Strategy that will help them achieve their objectives. Providing honest advice, our experts offer a range of solutions to help business owners select the right course of action for their business model.

IT Support

For over 20 years, our team of support engineers have been providing one to one support for businesses in Lancashire and beyond. Whether it’s help over the phone or in person, our team are always more than happy to help. At PM+M, we take customer service very seriously and our call logging system ensures that our clients are kept up to date with progress as we work hard to resolve any support issues as quickly and effetely as possible.

Thanks to our continuing customer service feedback programme, we know that over 98% of PM+M Technologies customers would be happy to recommend us and over 97% of PM+M Technologies customers agree that their support call was dealt with in a suitable time frame and met their requirements.

Business Intelligence

Effective Business Intelligence is all about harmonising data from various sources and collating them in one place to provide key performance indicators (KPIs) which can then be used to analyse your business drivers and facilitate smarter decision making. To many, this may seem like a daunting, onerous task, but PM+M Technologies can help automate these processes using specialist software. This allows key decision makers to act quickly on real-time information, improving efficiency and minimising risk.

Business Process Management

As businesses grow, processes become more demanding and require more effort from users. Orbis Task Centre delivers automated reporting to key people with the business to highlight potential issues. For example, Orbis can send an alert if a discount has been given on a sales order that reduces the profit margin below a certain percentage. Having this system in place keeps an eye on the details, whilst you look at the bigger picture and try to grow your business further.

Stock Control and Order Processing

The choice of online sales platforms available to retailers is growing. Our stock control and order processing tools can be integrated on a wide range of online and offline platforms and help businesses improve efficiency by streamlining the buying and selling of stock items. Teamed with our Warehouse Management solutions, which aids businesses with their despatch process, our tools can help improve your bottom line by minimising errors and wasted man-hours.

Work anywhere and any time

The introduction of cloud services in the accountancy profession has helped thousands of businesses improve and strengthen their systems. PM+M Technologies have forged strong partnerships with market leading cloud service providers such as Xero, Zen and DepositIT.

From start-up solutions such as Xero to an entire hosted environment of virtual servers and desktops, PM+M Technologies have the experience and partners to help.