Buying a business

Helping you make the right decisions

Buying a business is a very exciting time. Acquisition can invigorate your current company by helping you gain access to new customers or markets, acquire new products, skills or technologies, and achieve critical mass in your chosen market. It can also consolidate and achieve cost and operational savings or prevent acquisition by a competitor.

In this complex process it’s important to get every element right from the start. Involving us at an early stage in the buying process will help maximise your chances of a successful purchase. Our specialist corporate finance team has the expert knowledge, experience and forward planning to help you avoid the pitfalls that prevent many mergers and acquisitions from realising their potential.

It’s important for you to identify the right target. We are experts in due diligence and candidate screening so you can be confident that we’ll do our homework and investigate the proposed business so that you can make the most informed decisions. Then we’ll help you with planning a realistic and detailed strategy for acquisition. By valuing the target business and knowing exactly what you’re aiming for we can help you avoid paying too much.

One of the most important parts of business acquisition, which many overlook, is the post-acquisition integration of the business. We can give you a competitive edge by supporting you in creating a detailed and forward-thinking post-acquisition plan.

We’ll make every effort to help you achieve your financial goals. This is why we think personal solutions are so important. We always tailor our service to your specific company or business needs and help you buy the business that is right for you. We also like to be upfront about our fees and there are no hidden costs.

As members of Praxity, one of the world's largest alliances of independent accounting firms, we have access to a powerful global network of corporate finance specialists, so we are well connected to handle international mergers and acquisitions.

If you’re considering a purchase or need help with an existing project, we’re always pleased to advise you on the intricacies of buying a business. You can phone us for advice or to arrange a free exploratory meeting either at our Burnley or Blackburn offices or at a place of your convenience.

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