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Whether you are a sole trader or a company employing hundreds of people, managing your payroll presents the same challenges. With payroll legislation changing every year, you need to keep up with statutory requirements as well as make sure all of your data is accurate and that your staff is being paid the right amount, on time. Running a payroll is complicated and it’s absolutely vital to get it right.

If you find you just don’t have the time to run your payroll, we can help. At PM+M, our specialist payroll advisers have the expertise and experience to make the process smooth, efficient and hassle-free. As well as running a payroll for your company, our BACS-approved payroll bureau can give you peace of mind and reassure you that your payroll system is up to date and accurate.

We can help run or give advice on any of your payroll issues, including overtime calculations and other accounting, conforming to Real Time Information (RTI) rules, difficult HR issues, HMRC enquiries, Construction Industry Scheme processing and reporting, payroll tax, preparation of forms P11d, and PAYE health checks. Our services can include anything from a simple payroll processing service to all-inclusive complete outsourcing, and through our Run My Payroll service you can pick and choose which areas of payroll you would like us to help you with.

No business is alike. We place a lot of importance on getting to know you and your business. We’ll talk with you to gain an understanding of your requirements and objectives so that our payroll services can be tailored to suit your needs.

Whatever the size of your organisation, outsourcing your payroll will give you more time to focus on important business issues and opportunities. When you outsource your payroll to us, you won’t need to employ an in-house payroll specialist, worry about keeping them up to date or arranging cover for holidays and sickness periods. We also have all the latest computer software capable of processing payroll, so you don’t need to invest in payroll software.

 Our friendly team is more than happy to meet you at our Blackburn and Burnley offices, at a place of your convenience, or give advice over the phone whenever you have a payroll issue.

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