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Investing – Are You Ready?


With interest rates at an historic low, cash in the bank is currently earning next to nothing.  Meanwhile, life expectancy is continuously rising and the retirement window is growing, leaving many people with the need to maximise their savings and their retirement pots. You know you need to invest but these are uncertain times.  The threat of Brexit, a fall in oil prices, election time in the USA and economic difficulties in emerging markets all add up to a worrying and confusing picture.

The experienced team at PM+M have guided clients through a number of economic cycles and can give you tried and tested strategies to get your investment strategy right.

So join us at our seminar on Wednesday 26 March at Bertram’s Restaurant in Burnley and we’ll show you how you can efficiently plan your investments to create greater financial security and give you peace of mind. To book, please click the button below or call the marketing team on 01254 679131.



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