PM+M team – New Arrivals & Leavers

The past few weeks have seen a flurry of comings and goings at PM+M. There have been several new arrivals whilst we have also said a fond farewell to a couple of our longest serving team members.

The Marketing team has been boosted with the arrival of Faye Hughes as Marketing and Business Development manager and Daniel Hill as Marketing and Sales Assistant. Tim Farragher’s appointment as a Paraplanner has bolstered our Wealth Management offering and the Tax team has been strengthened with the addition of Laura Fort as a trainee.

Also, Kirsty Wright has recently taken up the position of Office Manager; her role will be quite wide ranging and will encompass managing our HR, reception and secretarial functions.

What’s more, in September the Run My Business team will be augmented with the appointment of Luke Irving as Accounts Trainee and Lorna Hargreaves as Accounts Assistant.

These new arrivals emphasise our commitment to developing the firm across the board and form a key part of our ambitious growth plans.

However, whilst we are delighted to be welcoming talented new people to the firm it is with a heavy heart that we have recently said goodbye to two of our longest serving team members. Between them Barbara Porter and Lorraine Cade have provided PM+M with almost 80 years of service and shortly before they left we asked them a few questions about their (considerable) time at PM+M, here’s what they had to say…

PMM_10.7.14-3403How long have you been with PM+M?

BP – 40 years and 8 months.

LC – When I leave it will be 39 years one month and 19 and a half days.

What made you stay so long?

BP – I liked the idea of working for the best firm of accountants in the area, also the clients and mix of work I have had the opportunity to work with and on.

LC – Family commitments and locality as well as the great team.

One thing you’ll miss?Lorraine Cade

BP – The people and feeling that that I may have made a contribution, however small in helping a client.

LC – The obvious answer would be the camaraderie. I’ve met a lot of people, at PM+M, over the years and regrettably many of them I have forgotten. However, there are quite a few who I am still in contact with and hopefully this will continue in the coming years.

One thing you’re looking forward to?

BP – Not getting up so early.

LC – Having the time to pursue ventures I’ve wanted to do for quite some time.

How will you be spending your time?

BP – Relaxing, reading, painting, cooking and walking.

LC – I plan to start playing the piano again. Also, I’ve been a member of the WI for many years and now I hope to take a more active role in the coming years. Finally, having two grandchildren will obviously take up quite a bit of my time as well.

Lorraine and Barbara have both played a huge role in making PM+M what it is today and we would like to wish them both a long and very happy retirement. They most certainly deserve it!

Jane Parry – HR Partner

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  1. Alison Driver

    We see regrettably few employees these days that can demonstrate such long, loyal service to an employer. It’s to PM+M’s credit that they have engendered such commitment from these two employees. I hope they enjoy a well-earned retirement!

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