More Phishing Emails – A Growing Problem

shutterstock_223094779We’ve previously blogged about an increase in the number of phishing emails targeting individuals and businesses in and around the North West.

The new scam poses as an email from one of your contacts and requests a money transfer of around £5,000. In some cases emails have been sent to a company’s finance team, appearing to be from a colleague. A general rule of thumb is that all emails requesting any personal information or money transfers should be cautiously investigated and verified before any action is taken.

For more information on identifying  phishing scams or to report a scam, we advise you to contact Action Fraud on 0300 1232040.

One thought on “More Phishing Emails – A Growing Problem

  1. Mark Ledsham

    Good update. I have experienced a few of these emails appearing to come directly from the CEO. They try to instill a sense of urgency and suggest they won’t be contactable by phone.

    Interestingly Xoom Inc lost $30m to this fraud, and ubiquiti Inc lost $46m. The average is in excess of $500k. So this fraud can be potentially catastrophic.

    Stay alert

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