Introducing Our New Business Sales Website


When you build a business from the ground up you devote a  huge amount of effort making it a thriving and profitable enterprise. Your business may well represent a lifetime of blood, sweat and tears so when the time comes to sell it you need to make sure that you have a first class team on your side.

Our new website concentrates on giving owners a better understanding of what is involved and how to position their business in anticipation of a sale.

Jim Akrill, corporate finance partner at PM+M, said: “Our approach is simple and we use our years of experience to guide, support and advise the seller through every stage of the process. We provide a complete service to business owners as opposed to acting merely as a broker. We believe it is vital that all aspects of a deal are considered including effective tax planning, ways to enhance value as well as providing efficient project management to ensure rapid progress to completion. With us, owners can get all this and more under one roof.”

If you would like to explore the prospect of selling your business, even if you’re not quite ready to take the plunge, we’re running a series of seminars to help business owners understand the sale process and how to increase business value. Please visit to book or to obtain more information.

Alternatively, if you would like to discuss the sale of your business please get in touch with Jim Akrill at or call 01254 679131.